Our company is being activated during the last twenty years in the area of aromatic plants and therapeutical herbs. It’s activity constitutes of:

1. Growing aromatic and healing herbs
2. Assignment to producers, producers consortia and family businesses for growing aromatic and healing herbs
3. Harvesting herbs of surrounding mountains where thousands different kinds are being thriftied
4. Products treatment and packaging

Our company’s products are being packaged into big containers (sacks – boxes from 5 to 10 kg’s) but also in small packages of 40, 80 & 250 gr.

Ideal climatological and soil conditions in our area, allow us high quality aromatic and healing herbs production.

Supply of all of our products directly from producers, without any third interference, permit us to provide these products in very sufficient prices, always in accordance with their high quality.

Our main principle is our clients best service, by meaning high quality products supply in low prices, covering their requirements in stock all around the year, price stability, alternative packaging covering our client’s needs and, in general, supporting in every possible way our client’s cooperation.

High quality – Low prices – High Quality Service Level